It is imperative that all InfraGard members sign into the Infragard.org website.  On or about  May 8, 2014, FBI HQ will move members to “Rescind Status” if they have not signed into the network at least once in the last year.  Please assist us in spreading the word.

PLEASE NOTE: Once a person is in “Rescind Status” they have to reapply and go through the background check all over again if they wished to reinstate their membership.

PLEASE NOTE II, The Sequel:  There are still a few of us who should pay our Infragard Dues….If this is you, please click the “Dues” button, and (re) Join Us!!  Thank You.

For details, please see Integrated Message #15 that was sent out on January 28, 2014
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  Stan Norman, 
  North Texas InfraGard

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InfraGard is an information sharing and analysis effort serving the interests and combining the knowledge base of a wide variety of our members. At its most basic level, InfaGard is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private sector. InfraGard is an alliance of businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United States.

The North Texas InfraGard Members Alliance is committed to protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure primarily owned and operated by the private sector. Some of these private sectors, defined in the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP), include agriculture, banking and finance, chemical, computer security, emergency services, energy, food, postal and shipping, national defense, public health, transportation, telecommunications, and water supply. Through experiences such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina we have discovered the unique and dependent nature of these sectors for security and survival and have come to learn that the overall wellbeing of our community is dependent on these sector’s collaborative crisis capabilities. Therefore, InfraGard creates a trusted public and private sector Partnership in Protection to enhance ongoing collaboration, shared awareness of trends and threats, and cooperation with investigation and law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.

The North Texas InfraGard Partnership in Protection Philosophy works through:

Mission Fulfillment – InfraGard provides for an operational Alliance that fulfills its strategic and planning objectives as well as its operational cooperation goals through innovative member programs and relevant, timely and actionable information sharing.

If you have any questions regarding our scheduled events or the organization, please contact our chapter President, Mr. Stan Norman (Questions@NTInfragard.org), or our InfraGard Coordinator, Lydia Maese (InfragardCoordinator@ntinfragard.org)